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What is Daughters & Dads Cricket?

Developed off the back of research by the University of Newcastle in partnership with Cricket Australia, with support from NSW Government the Daughters and Dads Cricket program is specifically designed to address barriers to girls' participation in cricket.

Proven to accelerate girls cricket skills and enhance their physical and social-emotional well-being by encouraging Dads to be agents of change for gender equity.

How does it work?

Daughters & Dads Cricket is a program for girls aged 5 -12 years and their dad or father figure. If you've played cricket before or never picked up a bat the program has something for you!

The 9-week program connects daughters and 
has as they learnt about cricket and develop their skills. Sessions are delivered by trained facilitators.

Each weekly session is 90-minutes long.


Session 1

Dads only "POWERPLAY" workshop

The first session covers all key content, including information on the unique and powerful influence of fathers, engaging and coaching their daughters in cricket and positive parenting strategies.

Dads also learn about the culture of gender prejudice 'pinkification' that exists in many aspects of their daughters' lives and how they can become gender equity advocates and improve their daughters' confidence to play.

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Sessions 2-8

Daughters and dads together and include:

  • 30 minute education introducing a theme of the week

  • 60 minute practical session involving rough and tumble play, cricket skills and modified cricket games

Over the following 8 weeks daughters and dads learn about the game of cricket, being inspired by female cricket superstars, addressing barriers to girls' participation in cricket, and learning key cricket skills of batting bowling and fielding.

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